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About Us

Our founder and owner, W.T. Clark, began his training with the U.S. Navy in Electronics and Electrical theory. In the Navy, he worked on the shipboard Fire Control System radar and computers. Later while working in the industrial sector as a troubleshooting machine controls and process control systems electrician, he enrolled in Spartanburg Technical College to further his electrical education. Throughout working in the electrical industry, he was eager to own his own business focusing on affordable, quality and timely electrical service. In 1996, he endeavored to start his own company and acquired his Master Electrician license along with his Electrical Contractor license.

  In the beginning, most of our work was residential.   Eventually our customer base expanded rapidly into the commercial and industrial arena and we had to all but give up residential work due to our larger and more demanding projects.  We still do a limited amount of residential work, mainly for prior customers who had enough faith to contract with us in the beginning.

We recently moved into our new shop which is located within one mile of I-85 & I-26 near Spartanburg Technical College. That allows us to be in Greenville in about the time it takes us to drive across Spartanburg!


Clark Electric Service, Inc. is a company that services what we sell. We strive to provide our customers with a reasonably priced quality product that will give years of trouble free service. Reputable builders know that the cheapest initial price is likely to have the most problems and the customer may well have to hire someone else to correct the contractors mistakes when they refuse to come back! Should you have a problem develop after your project is completed, you can count on us to handle it promptly. After all, when you decide to build again, we want you to call us back!