Use these tips to help
Reduce Pollution and Our Dependence on Foreign Oil!

Besides curtailing the flow of US dollars to terrorist supporting countries,
You Will be Saving Money!!!

Could your competitors reducing their lighting cost give them a competitive advantage? You bet it can if they reduce it 50% or more! We can do that for you, giving you the advantage. Today more than ever we need to become more energy efficient. We can help in your parking lot, manufacturing and office space. With proper financing you can often use the savings to eliminate any out of pocket expense and even create immediate cash flow!

Energy Saving Tips

*Upgrade your outdoor incandescent flood fixtures to Quartz (50% Energy Savings) or Fluorescent (90% Energy Savings).

*Replace your indoor incandescent bulbs (1800's technology) in your home or office where possible with compact fluorescents. They last more than ten times longer and use only 25% of the power! Replacing a 100 Watt incandescent with a 23 watt fluorescent will save nearly $50 over its lifetime!

*For your office lights, upgrade to modern fluorescent technology. If you have the older type, which is unfortunately still being sold today, it is costing you almost double the power to operate and you're getting less light with increased maintenance costs! In this case it's definetly not "Cheaper to Keep Her"! The current technology uses just over half the power of the older type, provides approximately 12% greater light output and has lower maintenance costs. In addition, much of the wasted energy you are using with the old technology is in the form of heat which has to be removed by the air conditioner, further increasing your costs.

There are three levels of light output with this technology all of which use less energy than the old type. This allows us to increase the light output of your existing fixtures up to 52% with standard lamps but will decrease your savings somewhat or you can decrease the light level slightly for even more savings.

For a typical office, you can recover your investment in about 18 months assuming your lights are on 50 hours a week or so. For any fixture that is on constantly, the recoupment time can be as quick as eight months. Keeping your old inefficient fixtures can cost you nearly $100 per fixture over the life of one set of lamps!

We calculated the savings for one of our customers to upgrade 32 lights. At $.085 per kilowatt he is currently saving around $65 per month or roughly $2 per fixture per month! What could you do with that money? Buy a new copier? A new Welder? Since the upgrade, he's remodeled the entire inside of the business with new flooring, seating and ceiling fans. Maybe we miscalculated and he's saving more than we thought!

Did you know that at $.085 per kilowatt, the average 400 watt parking lot fixture costs about $175 per year in electricity to operate? For a three head pole that's $525/year! We can slice almost $100 per head off of that with an upgrade and give you better light!

If you were looking to invest in something, what type investment would double in value in only a few months with absolutely NO risk! An investment in current lighting technology will pay for itself quickly and continue to make your business more profitable year after year! And don't forget the pollution emissions you'll prevent.

We are located in Spartanburg in the Upstate of South Carolina and will be glad to price an upgrade for your business. We are also licensed in North Carolina and cover the areas between Asheville and Charlotte. Click here to contact us for a free savings calculation or quote.

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